Monday, 4 April 2011

Album of the month preview

It's 4th of April already and still no album of the month?
Don't worry, it's coming soon!

In the mean time you can peep this masterpiece, also released last month. It's Pharoahe Monch from the legendary nineties underground hip hop group called 'Organized Konfusion'. The track is from his latest album named W.A.R.(We Are Renegades).
The track was made into a 10 minute short movie that has quite a powerful message, also all the 'The Wire' fans can see Marlo's right hand man Chris as one of the main characters in the movie, so check it:

(but if you're inpatient then the track starts from 3:11)

PS! This will not be album of the month! Something even greater will be!


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