Friday, 15 July 2011

L.A. Salami is poetry

I've been meaning to post about this artist somewhere for someone to read and well I just feel inspired this minute in this day.

The artist? L.A. Salami.
Day to Day (for 6 days a week) - Acoustic by L.A. Salami

He is a poet. Familiar with the treats of guitar and harmonica playing and this -to die for- story-telling voice.
For those who thought folk rock is something of the past, L.A. Salami is proof of the unheard talent in the streets. Songs full of lyricism, something Bukowski would approve of, with a broken voice full of charm and solitude only true to those folk artists of the past like Joan Baez and Cohen. Salami's words like from a novel written by the beat generation are full of vision and hopes for the future but with a teaspoon of cynicism, a pinch of darkness, despair and hopelessness.

Derrick Bird vs The World by L.A. Salami

**He is playing Monday@Slaughtered Lamb (London) 20.00.

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