Friday, 24 June 2011

Onra and Quetzal representin'

This is my first post for Fresh2Death and I thought there is no better way of introducing my musical taste than by what I have been listening to lately and that is these amazing producer duo Onra and Quetzal (a.k.a. Al Quetz). Onra french hip hop beat maker, Al Quetz more of a character in the shadow not too much info around and certainly not highly commercial, doing good shit for those who appreciate. Onra and Quetzal put out this Tribute album featuring the most interesting fusion of music, from jazzy soulful tunes that remind me of a smoother and darker Mayer Hawthorne to beats that are intricate mixtures of afro-beats combined with some trip-hop and reggae greatness more for those Ayatollah lovers.

Together, I am not shy to say they might be on to something massive, maybe even bigger and better than J-Dilla.

Their album Tribute is features on their myspace:
Gotta Have It from Tribute 2006

Wait, also from Tribute

Ready produced by Quetzal

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  1. whats the best track on the album? u aint fresh 2 death LLAL